Moon Muddle (how many ways to gaze at the moon?)

Ever wonder why the moon quarters are numbered as they are? This will clear up everything! (including the Goddess's complexion, ha ha ha).

The Secret Rites of Stress (Lizzie goes ceremonial, sort of)

A ritual from ancient times to propitiate the deity Stress and make your life PERFECT! Not to be undertaken by the casual or faint of heart. This is also included in its original form under the LLeP section, where it appeared in three parts, with concommitant LLeP intra-office feuding nestled cozily in between them.

Instructions for Deborah's 2001 Imbolc Ritual (I horn in on Deborah's territory)

a.k.a. Lizzie's Entertaining Elucidation of the Year 2001's Imbolc Ritual
a.k.a. Imbolc 01 Rit explain (shudder)

Deborah and friends make little bags full of herbs an' shit. And I never once mentioned groundhog day, Hurrah!

Instructions for Deborah's 2001 Ostara Ritual (that's Spring Equinox for you neophites)

a.k.a. Ostara 01 Rit explain, version 1.03 beta

Deborah and friends braid pieces of string (be careful how long a cord you decide to braid, you could be singing that little song for a long time). Featuring the now familiar readership of the LLeP!