The Adventures of Isabel and Deborah (or was that Harriet?)

Witness the birth of the LLeP, featuring my friend Mari and a harrowing tale of kittycat trauma (both cats hurt their paws!).

P.L.A.T.E. (Put Love Around That Email)

A revolutionary program to make the world a better place! Includes an enriching meditation for the reader.

Stream The Queen (a presidential election fable)

This one never got very far, I was too sick of the whole thing! But it does introduce the all-important promotional outreach to Germany...

LLeP's Apfelstrudel Struggle (toxic killer or beloved national treat, you decide)

Come peer inside the mysterious workings of the LLeP, as they struggle with the pains of expansion. Featuring the first appearance of the infamous Bernie.

The Art of The Flump (or How to Make the Most of Chips, Mysteries, and TV)

In three delightfully sordid parts, with a further look into the well-oiled LLeP corporate machinery. The promotional and legal departments square off, while Bernie gets in a few more licks of his own! And if you like lots of parts and steps, this one is for you! Psst, things get a little naughty...

The Return of P.L.A.T.E. (from flumpishness to a sore throat)

The P.L.A.T.E. program is rejuvenated after my descent into CSMR and STVMV (or was that SVMTV?). A poignant portrait of the battle against the flu. In The Heat of The Night makes a guest appearance.

The Secret Rites of Stress (LLeP delves into ancient magickal rituals)

An all-star cast, featuring my friend Mari, and introducing a couple of newcomers (or are they?). This is the biggest LLeP email dustup yet. Don't miss it! The Rites of Stress are also available in a more compact form under the NeoPagan Satires section.

Grilled Cheese (Lizzie gets back to her roots)

In other words a lot of effervescent silliness about not much of anything. But there are lots of parentheses and hyphens!

Hanoying Towers (life viewed through pancake making )

I go on about cooking again, with more life lessons included. Computers take over the world!

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