Hurrah! Hurrah! Lizzie has gone high tech. Well, even higher tech. LLeP has always been at the cutting edge of eEntertainment, don'tcha know. But now I have expanded to the World Wide Web. Isn't that exciting? Next I plan to be able to instant message any LLeP episode to your cell phone or TV at a simple spoken command configurable by you when you lease the forthcoming Lizziecom belt module!

Already all your favourite episodes of Lucy and Ethel can be seen on Hut-o-Vision. Naah just trying to hype up some interest. But previously read LLeP materials, as well as my various forays into satirizing witch stuff, can now be read again and again (until you are so sick of them that you wonder how you could have ever thought they were funny). Besides, every time someone new wants to read the stuff I have to send them a zillion emails, so now I just say "oh they're on my web site" with a superior no-time-for-ignorant-low-tech-losers flick of the wrist (oooo shiver, it isn't just a web page, it's a site, with multiple pages so people can click around and use their back button a lot).

And you know what else? This site will load very fast, because I don't have any rage-inducing little animations or images the size of Antarctica to delay you from getting your impatient little eyes (sorry, just had a ring to it, what I really meant was your big beautiful soulful eyes) on my fabulous epistles of effervescence! Nope, this web site will not require the use of Internet-Metamucil (a.k.a. The Shutdown Command).

So, if you haven't read all my stuff, here it is. Lots of silly writing I have done, mostly to entertain my friends over email...

First there is the stuff from LLeP (Lizziebear's Lowbrow eProductions).

Then there are my NeoPagan satires, which I might as well write, since I know far too much about it.

Coming soon: Poetry, what writer's web site could be without some?

love love love,

(yes I stole that from The Changeling by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. I adore that book!!!)


(the rest is pure gold...)