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Cylaq Scod: a new and refreshing arrival out of Seattle's creative musical Soup. Michael Gates, the driving force behind Cylaq Scod, is truly a renaissance Musician; not only gifted in the musical arts of bass, acoustic and lead guitars, keyboards, writing and vocals, but he has developed his own studio and mastered recording, engineering, and mixing and undertaken all aspects of production for "It's About Time".

"It's About Time": a work that reflects Michael's vast range of style, from the Jazz like love song of "Dusk", the unique lead bass of "Spider Takes a Mate", the King Crimson/ELP like "Madge" (the Quixotic dreamer on the CD's jacket), the timeless lyrics of "Gauge" with its seamless blending of acoustic rhythm guitar and lead, through the electrifying lead of "Oceanscape", the inspirational "May You Shine" to the generational epic of "Legends".

"It's About Time" is sure to be the first of a long stream of creative threads from Cylaq Scod. Venture into these waters of fresh sounds and directions, and experience total creativity.

Giles Nelson

Listener Comments

"A pleasant surprise that is distinct from the usual fare."

"I think this is a great recording, the style is really like nothing I've ever heard."

"I like it because it's a totally different sound and feel"

"Your music is great! The babies like it."

"It's very obvious that you're a multi-talented and competent songwriter."

"I really love the funky guitar lines presented in these songs"

"The bass playing was excellent throughout."

"Again, Michael kicks us with a great groove."

"Great harmonies"

[Count of the Head] "Wow...I really dig the groove here.", "Perfect mix of distant guitar and harmonically rich bass.", "I was intrigued by the beginning, but as soon as the beat came in, you had me. Excellent tune.", "The bass is saying listen up because the guy whose hands I'm in knows what he's doing."

[Dusk] "I really like this groove. The sax is THERE!", "Warning! Infectious groove ahead.", "I'll listen to this one a lot as it's probably my favorite track...Great song!"

[The Spider Takes a Mate] "Very interesting tune! Great title, and the mood of the song matches it perfectly.", "I like the way it moves. I just want to sit back and watch the colors on the wall.", "Michael really excels on this tune.", "The song in general has a great presence, a truly original sound to me. This is one of my favs."

[Madge] "A song with lots of mood", "Very emotional"

[Gauge] "Excellent tune"

[Oceanscape] "Another awesome intro.", "Great song!"

[May You Shine] "Just a great, uplifting tune."

[Brief Affair] "This is where you excel...This is good stuff here. Mesmerizing drums and solid work behind them. This is one of my favorites. Brief Affair hits on all cylinders for me."

[Legends] "The vocals fit like a glove.", "This has got to be my favorite song on the CD...It's just a great song!", "I have two hamsters and those squeaks in the song not only sent them for a loop, but freaked me out! I like this song."