Cylaq Scod

Cylaq Scod's music is difficult to categorize. Eclectic? Maybe. Diverse? Without a doubt. It skillfully straddles genres without losing its essential cohesion or character. Comparisons offered by listeners include Yes, Spyro Gyra, ELP, Blondie, Santana, Stuart Hamm, Enya, Blind Melon, Yanni, and Pink Floyd. Go figure! It is layered and complex, dense and atmospheric. It is a highly emotional blend of chaos and order balanced on a solid groove based foundation. The music is strongly influenced by progressive rock, with elements of jazz and pop seamlessly worked in. The pieces on It's About Time range from accessible pop-influenced space fuzak songs to ambient funky medieval-groove instrumentals.

May You Shine is an uplifting and relaxed song celebrating the enduring power of friendship. It's Yes driving through the Smoky Mountains on a mellow sunny day. At the other end of the spectrum is The Spider Takes a Mate, a foreboding and moody instrumental piece. It undulates, weaving a web of dark sound around the listener. One reviewer's "very spidery" gives it the seal of approval. Madge is a favorite with the progressive fans. Its layered keyboards and unfolding themes draw the listener into the world of Madge, the custodial engineer with a very rich inner life (no lyrics required!).

The music is firmly rooted in the excellent bass parts, which drive the essential character of each piece from the ground up. From funk space-music to groovin' pop to face-in-the-sky rock, the bass anchors and motivates all the rest. The bass is at it's best winding it's quirky way through The Spider. The guitars, keyboards, and vocals are inventive and articulate. They flow in and out, weaving intricately around each other to create the palette from which each piece is fulfilled.