Cylaq Scod Biography

Cylaq Scod is the musical project of Michael Gates. At the present time, the music is written and performed by Michael, with a couple of guest appearances by friends. He hopes eventually to expand the boundaries of Cylaq Scod to include other like-minded musicians. It was while waiting for such musicians to turn up that he got tired of waiting, and decided to go ahead and produce a CD himself.

Michael grew up in Santa Fe in the sixties and early seventies. At 15 he went to school at Interlochen Arts Academy, where a budding interest in Progressive Rock became a devotion. Since then he has branched out into many genres and styles, many of which are represented in his music. At Interlochen he also became a ballet and modern dancer, adding another artistic perspective to his life. He took up playing and writing music later on, at 20 years of age. Michael has lived in many different places such as Santa Fe, Interlochen, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Omaha, and Firenze.

Currently he lives in Seattle, where he shares a house with a sweetheart named Hanna and three cats (Hanna's voice can be heard on a couple of the songs from It's About Time). Michael generally spends his time balancing the needs of various activities in his life including music, dance, painting, gaming, spiritual pursuits, and his job in parallel computing research.